It is easy to realize that the world of photography is constantly evolving. Every time there is more demand for devices than a few years ago, no one would think they would exist. Well, thanks to the new technologies and the brilliant mind of some photographers, it is possible to photograph beings that even the human eye go unnoticed, traces of the face that nobody would remember that exist and that are there as a mark of life and existence, or even breathtaking scenery.

To help you be even cooler, let’s introduce 10 fantastic photo apps! Some for the iPhone, iPad and Android, for those who are not interested or have no opportunity to have these devices, there are for the web, Mac and Windows PC. Some are for editing and some for pure fun. There is one for every taste. So, we doubt, after reading this tutorial you do not feel like even trying on one of them.


  1. Polamatic:          

Let’s start with Polamatic. With the world of photography undergoing major changes in short time frames, it is normal for users to increasingly feel the need to look for more innovative features. Smartphones are getting more and more sought after, even by photographers of excellence. Your ability to take pictures and edit them is fantastic.

In addition, operating systems such as iOS and Android allow the user to download some applications that help you deal with your photos. Polamatic is a photo editing application for iOS where the user can play with their photos, as long as they are inserted in a Polaroid.


  1. Camera+              

The Camera + application for iOS and Android costs $ 0.99 (launch promotion) and will give the user the opportunity to edit their images in a number of ways. Camera + is quite complete, offering many editing features, such as: scenes, adjust, crops, effects and borders. Camera + is still one of the biggest hits of the iPhone photo category in the App Store.

It is vastly superior to the native iPad editor, for example, it pays to try this app because we believe the user will love using it and will be one of your favorite photo editors. If you are looking for photo apps, surely this is one of the best!


  1. Path On:            

We already talked about Polaroids in Polamatic, let’s now talk about another application of effects and also with a peculiarity: Path On, is its name. The iOS app gives the user the ability to select paths where they can write what they want in their photo. These paths are chosen as the user wants. A circle, squares, paragraphs, spirals and free paths, you have plenty to choose from.

Furthermore to being able to edit your photo in this writing mode, the user can still enhance your photo with some of the effects of this application. But because writing is the strong point of this application in the writing part, the user can still choose font size, character space, color, font, among others. In the end, just save and share on social networks.


  1. Instagram:           

Known and used by many, the Instagram app for Android and iOS has included in the list of best photo apps that the user has to try! Instagram is one of the most popular photo applications in the world, distributed free of charge. This application is fast, beautiful and fun, so you can share your personal or professional life, with your friends or family, through photographs.

It also offers a very simple and intuitive user experience. If you’re not photography professional and just want to take advantage of your iPhone’s photo camera to report on some of your daily events, Instagram in this social networking format is a great way for you to tell your story and your life through photographs.


  1. Perfect365:                

This app detects what your “perfect” face looks like and helps you easily remove the dark circles that may be around your eyes. It also has pre-set some makeup models for you to use in a few seconds.

Another of its interesting features is the possibility of saving predefined editing models, which can be used in future photographs. The best thing is that it can still be connected with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


  1. Face Fusion:           

Face Fusion follows a pattern more similar to Perfect365. The user takes a photo of himself and more people and can match the faces he wants. However, they have to be in pairs. In addition, this application is more demanding than Morfo, requesting a series of rules to be able to combine the two faces and that they leave as close as possible with each of the two faces. Once you’ve finished, the goal is the same that you share on various social networks.

The Face Fusion application is great fun and when the user realizes how everything works will make lots of combinations in a very short time. Enjoy it because it is also free! The only disadvantage that it may have for some users is that it has to involve more than one person to use it.


  1. ProCollage:           

The ProCollage application is a bit different from the ones we’ve been talking about above. ProCollage is an iOS operating system application that allows the user to make multiple collages with up to nine photos. This app has a cost of $ 1.99, but makes it worthwhile with the ability to make great collages.

The only point we should have found and that the app might have wagered on was editing. In addition to the collage itself, giving the option to create an effect was great, preventing the user from moving to another application to do an editing on the collage. However, in everything the user can do in the application, there are no negatives. For whatever he does, he does well.


  1. Fast Camera:            

Fast Camera for iOS is an application that aims to take multiple photos per second. This is great because it lets you keep track of all the details of a move. It is ideal if you go to a soccer game, for example and want to take sports photos or even throw some objects. If so far this was impossible, with the Fast Camera this was very easy. A simple click and it will already start taking dozens of photos.

The difficult thing to do is select because only ten seconds with the connected application may be enough to take dozens of photos. Simple and very useful, so is the Fast Camera. Fast Camera is an excellent choice for photo enthusiasts. Try it and be passionate about the quality of this app.


  1. PhotoSynth:            

Another very useful and original application! PhotoSynth is an application, for Android and iOS. The app is free and aims to rectify what other photo apps do not have. It helps the user to capture the full panorama of any view. Imagine that you are going to stroll or travel and you are surprised by a magnificent view.

Obviously you will want to take that memory home, because a photograph is a memory and worth much more than any trinket. With a normal machine, it would not be surprising if you could not capture all the splendor of the image. However, like PhotoSynth, the user can! Just move the camera and wait for the right moment, it will join pieces of perspectives in a single panoramic photo.


  1. iPiccy:           

iPiccy is a web application for editing and sharing photos. It offers the user much more than he could ever imagine. In addition to being a very powerful editing application, it can be original and, more importantly, free. iPiccy aims to give users a tool with a simple and fast ability to edit, share, print, etc., any photographs you want, from any internet browser. Moreover, iPiccy’s website design is very clean and presentable, managing to entice any user to try it. If you are not very experienced at using photo editing tools, the good news is that you also do not need to be to get tinkering with the iPiccy tools.

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