Here we are going to give you 10 awesome tips to take photos with your cell phone:

Camera phones and photo sharing applications are increasingly popular. Difficult to find who does not like to record their moments and share them with friends and followers. But does the speed to capture the event can disrupt the quality of the photo of the cell phone?

With some basics of photography, the result can be almost professional.

How to Make Good Photos on Mobile

  1. Always Take Lots of Photos

The more images you have, the greater the chances of having one that actually captures the moment you want. And with the phone in hand, there are no excuses. Take lots of photos and then choose the best one.

  1. When Shooting, Get Close To Your Focus

Not all cell phones have a zoom – and when they do, they’re not always good. So make sure you have come close to the theme to capture it. But not too close, so that the photos do not become blurry or blurred. As a general rule, stay a step or two away from the subject. Another tip of the photography is to fill the cell phone display well to create photos with greater impact. With the photo centered on the theme, you can reveal even the small details.

  1. Hold the Camera at Eye Level

According to the photographer, the eye level angle will create a personal and inviting touch to the photo, even if the photographed is not looking at the camera. When you take a picture of a person, hold the camera at eye level to release the strength of attractive looks and emphasize the smiles. To shoot children and pets, leave the camera at eye level.

  1. Pay Attention to the Light

Low light is synonymous with a bad photo. So, choose bright light or use the built-in flash. Under the sunlight, find a position where the sun illuminates the subject, already indoors, turn on lights to illuminate.

  1. Prefer Environments with Simple Backgrounds

The simpler the environment, the clearer the subject of the photo will be displayed. Take a good look at the place before shooting and make sure there is no tree hanging from behind the person’s head and no car hanging from the ear.

  1. Look For Different Angles

This will add varied and interesting details to your images. Take several pictures at different angles, leave the ones you like and delete the others.

  1. Set the Camera Resolution to High

Usually, mobile phone cameras have the option of low, medium and high resolution. Setting up the camera in high resolution provides the best picture quality that difference may not be noticeable on the phone’s display, but it will be noticed on the computer.

  1. Keep the Photographed Stationary

A small movement, such as shaking hands, immediately after shooting, may leave the image blurred. That’s because the photo is still being processed. So tip and keep the photographed stopped for at least two seconds after the click.

  1. Be Polite and Correct While Photographing

If you want to take a picture of someone you do not know or in situations where there are more people that can appear in your pictures, ask permission first. And if the environment forbids cameras or cell phones, respect. These are label tips that make all the difference.

  1. Use Apps That Do Not Deform Your Photo

There are many photo applications and some filters that can improve the captured image. But if not used correctly, they can have the opposite effect and deform the photograph, turning them into true freaks. If you do not know how to use them, ask tips to anyone who knows.