On the day of the wedding, the brides are surrounded by that atmosphere of beauty and enchantment in every detail: dress, makeup, hairstyle and also nails!

It is no wonder that there is a plethora of nail decorations for brides, after all, the hands are the focus of flashes and looks at the time of marriage, that is, the long-awaited exchange of relations.

Do not think that the options are limited to white enamel and light tones. It is possible to dare with elegance and bet on nail art to bring even more beauty to your wedding. See in this post some ideas to display wonderful nails on this special day!

  1. French manicure            


This is certainly the most classic and simple nail decoration for brides to make. The more traditional ones are made in white under light-colored enamel such as pink, nude and sparkling. They can be angled or rounded and elegant and discreet, ideal for more classic brides.

For those who find French manicure very simple, it is possible to increase this decoration with pebbles, drawings and ornaments.

If you want to play with the nail art, you can work very well with other colors as well. Bet on the detail made with metallic nail polishes like gold or silver. Red, the color of love, is also widely used by more modern brides.



  1. Laced Nails            

The lacy decoration is delicate, discreet and conveys an elegant and very feminine look.

This is a decorating style that should be used on light tones such as rosettes, nudes and sparkling. It marries very well with the wedding dress and is made with designs that refer to the shape of the lace.




  1. Nails Degrade            

Nails painted in degrade are beautiful, elegant and never go out of style.

And what is interesting in this style is that the gradual tone can be made in various colors and directions, fitting both classic and modern style.

It also allows you to add applications like glitter, rhinestone and whatever else the bride wants to enhance the style.




  1. Nails with Application                       

The nails for brides with application are the most versatile and therefore the most chosen for marriage.

The applications can be of several materials, but the most chosen ones are the stones and rhinestones. It is also common to find applications with pearls and small flowers.

They can be made on varnishes of the most varied colors and in different combinations.




  1. Nails with Glitter!             

Why not add a little glitter and glamor to your nails?

Glitter can be used in various ways in decorating nails for brides. It can be applied as a little French or lightly sprayed on the enamel.

Another tip is to use glitter in the “only daughter finger”, that style where a different decoration is done on the nail of the ring finger. It’s a great way to highlight the finger that will wear the ring!



  1. Drop The Imagination And Make Nails For Brides With Drawings!

Although the nail decorations cited above are the most used in weddings, what really matters is the creativity and the will of the bride.

Nails decorated with drawings give the freedom to dare and let go of the imagination.



The most common are the classic flowers and arabesques. But there are also other very entertaining ideas, such as groom’s outfit, hearts, geometric shapes and even the couple’s caricature! That is, you can do it at ease in both colors and designs.

There are no rules for decorating nails for brides. The important thing is to choose something according to the style of the party and the profile of the bride. And, of course, make sure your nails will look wonderful when it comes to the wedding.


Get ready for your bridal day and choose the decoration of your nails! Which one did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!