Food has always been an obsession for just about everyone in the world and chefs, restaurateurs, farmers and butchers are hard pressed to keep up with the trends. There are so many different choices out there today in foods like veggie burgers, seaweed, butcher cuts, delivery options and so much more, our heads simply spin thinking about it.

With technology shaping our eating habits, several of the newest trends in food going into 2017, are going to utilise it and create numerous business options for the hustling foodie world. The use of social media, like Instagram, has also played a huge role in the creation of visually enticing foods to simply be put out there for the masses to see.

No Meat Options

With over a quarter of Americans being either strict vegetarians or vegan the trend of veggie burgers or the newest “veggie meats” are huge. There have even been several veggie butchers opened in response to the huge demand of no meat options for restaurants, and home use.

Butcher Shops

Butcher shops have seen a massive increase in foot traffic, and they are slowly becoming integrated into restaurants all over the world. The saying goes from butcher to table, and they mean just that. Several butchers have been hired to work in restaurants to be able to take the butchered meat directly from cut to plate. Some butcher shops also offer a dine-in option and this demand is in direct correlation with the veggie butcher options.

Technology in Delivery

Several innovations in technological delivery systems have been made. Drones are being used by Seven 11’s in Reno and Google delivers Chipotle burritos to their demanding consumers at Virginia Tech.

Several professional chefs are offering delivery only options in their fast start-ups in cheaper locations. You simply call up and order and your chef cuisine will be delivered directly to your door. If you so choose, some of these chefs also offer a heat and eat option for their delivery service that includes all the ingredients necessary for a home cooked, high quality, meal.


Umami means a different taste to food other than sweet, salty, bitter or sour, which is often referred to as savoury and well-rounded robustness. The use of seaweed in many cuisines like ramen has often been denoted as being umami and seaweed has replaced kale in many establishments around the world.

These are only a few trends in the foodie world today that will carry into 2017. The use of technology and social media is very quickly changing the face of the foods we eat and how we eat them. Food has also become healthier for us to eat and is helping reduce the obesity epidemic that has plagued us for decades.