Money can sometimes be a problem when planning a wedding. Most couples have seen their wedding postponed or abandoned all together due to low budget. But it doesn’t have to be so for you. If you are running on low budget but still wish to have a remarkable wedding, here are some tips for you:

  1. Minimize your use of flowers

Why spend so much on flowers which will die as soon as the wedding is over? Keep things simple and elegant by giving just one flower to each bridesmaid and then a small bouquet to the bride. To save more money on flowers, look for a gardener that grows rose flower. Then seek permission to cutting and trimming the roses yourself

  1. Be your own caterer or hire a friend or family member

Food alone takes up a huge portion of any wedding budget – so finding a way to cut cost on food will greatly reduce your wedding budget.

But if cooking isn’t your thing, look around to see if a family member will be willing to handle the task. If this isn’t still possible, go find a restaurant run by a friend or a family member, as they will be ready to do anything possible to ensure your wedding becomes a success without you spending so much.

  1. Instead of event centers, use your home

Renting event centers costs serious amount of money. If your home won’t be ideal, then look for a public park. This not only saves you considerable amount of money, it offers your guest an enthralling view.

As an important note, always have a backup plan if your wedding ceremony will be done outdoors. You wouldn’t want to get yourself and your guest drenched in rain. This plan can take the form of renting tents that can stand the pressure of the rain.

  1. Entertain guest with the stereo system in your home

Instead of going the conventional route by hiring a DJ, ask a friend to play cool jams using your home stereo system. If you can’t find someone that can do this for you, create a playlist using a mobile device like iPod and then go auto mode.

  1. Avoid buying custom made wedding dresses

Custom made dresses do cost money. Save money by buying one “off the rack” from a store. This technique works well if the store you are buying from has plenty of sizes.

But this shouldn’t be seen as a ticket to buy poor quality wedding dress all in the name of saving money. If you be having a bridal train, ask them to wear the dress they have provided their color match.