Photography has many timeless uses such as creating visually appealing websites and marketing campaigns, just to name a few. There are several trends that have developed throughout 2016 that will likely carry over into 2017.

We have seen several trends fade out throughout 2016 that one would have thought would carry on. The use of wood backdrops and landscapes with fake appearing individuals and the use of smoke to create an appearance of mystique have taken a back seat today.


  • Realism
    Photography is all about capturing a moment in time and today, the creation of photos that capture a more realistic sense of being, without all the poses and fake smiles, is what has become trendy. The days of posing for family portraits and making sure your wedding party is all fake smiling are gone and capturing true realism is what has taken over.
  • Nostalgia
    Photos taken while people are reading or writing create a sense of nostalgia in people. People want to remember days of sitting down with a good book and relaxing or writing a letter to a long lost friend. Viewing photos of what are seemingly days gone by make people reflect and crave the nostalgia of forgotten memories.
  • Timelessness
    Black and white photography is timeless and will continue to trend for years to come. There are so many apps out there today that can turn a colourful photo into a classic black and white photo without much more work than clicking a button.  Trend with the best and create your own black and white timeless photos.
  • Lighting
    Photography will forever be about correct lighting. The use of flash has also seen a comeback to bring otherwise dark and dreary photos to life. Using the correct lighting and making sure your flash does not create an oversaturated photo are important to a great photo that will stand the test of time.
  • Social Media
    On any of the social media websites, especially Instagram and Snap Chat, a great photo will speak volumes to your fans. If you own your own photography business or even if you require professional photos to get your brand noticed on social media channels, using great photos for any given campaign throughout the internet, will make all the difference in the world.

Photography is a changing art form as it goes hand in hand with graphic design. Using great photos in any campaign will get you, your brand and whatever you’re trying to convey, noticed more readily. Taking and displaying great photos is what is important and following the current trends in photography will help you connect with your fans on a much deeper visual level.