The wedding industry rakes in over fifty billion dollars a year, and that is astounding considering that most weddings only take place during five to six months per year. The most popular month for engagements is December with an average planning stage of a year and a half.

The average cost of a wedding is around thirty-three thousand dollars which depends on venue, wedding party sizes and customary entertainment and style. On average over two million weddings take place in the United States alone and only about 30% take place in a venue based on religious statement.

Trends to Consider

Throughout history, weddings have seen fads and crazes come and go and what was seemingly old school has become new again. This can be said for almost anything that trends like fashion and fitness because the old adage stays constant, everything old becomes new again at some point.

Rustic Charm

Hang up those enchanting lanterns and roll open those barn doors going into spring of 2017, because rustic charm is back. Take a look at Pinterest at any given time, and you will see several different themed wedding ideas all centered on rustic beauty. Bring nature and love together to create a wedding full of rustic wonder.


Vintage weddings are just that, vintage, meaning antique style is back. The whimsy nature of classic cars, family heirlooms and simplistic fashion is creating a stir for the wedding industry. Vintage weddings invoke feelings of nostalgia and quaintness that envelopes the couple and their guests.

Pure Fairy Tales

Bring your wedding outdoors and create romance using hanging chandeliers and candlelight and bring a fairy tale to life. Using the natural beauty of either moonlight or candlelit dusk to enhance your wedding along with classic white flowers and rose petals strewn about will bring a fairy tale wedding that will be a lasting memory.

Don’t Change

If you want a wedding that is classic and charm filled but requires less effort on the part of your guests, then the trend of having the wedding and reception at the same venue will fit the bill. Keep the wedding alive by simply adding new lighting or opening different doors throughout the venue to keep all your guests in one location, so you don’t lose the luster of love.

There are several timeless wedding trends, such as, the white wedding dress, but going into 2017, gold’s are out along with the white dress. Think pink as the new white from deep maroons to bubble gum, and you have yet another new trend for weddings for 2017. Countless ages have gone by and once again we see that what was once old is now new again.