When spring engulfed, wedding season has arrived, the shops are stuffed with winter wedding outfits and exquisite prints. However a question drumming the mind all the time, that is – what dress colors and styles are appropriate for guests to wear to weddings? Here are five of the most common wedding outfit guest mistakes ladies make while picking up a wedding dress.


Many people think that this is an outdated, old-fashioned rule. Possibly the lady of the hour is super amazing and doesn’t care at all. Yet, wearing a white dress to a wedding can irritate a lot of people. Honestly, the most clear error female wedding guests make is wearing white. In reality, anything that appears remotely bridal is out of bounds to keep away from offending the bride. It’s not a good idea to wear anything that could imaginably be wrong for a wedding outfit.

Some say it is alright, but, as indicated by anonymous, if you do appear in white, you are not exactly doing something incorrect, however guests may talk and you will be recognized as “the young lady who wore white at some one’s wedding.” It’s just not pay the value. Give the big day a chance to be about the guest of honor – the bride – and keep your white attire for a special event that doesn’t contain vows. So with that saying, we think you don’t have to wear all white. If you think that you look best in white then you will not care what color you are wearing whilst she is gazing blades at you rather saying ‘I do’. White outfits with bold colored patterns are the expectations to the rule.


The fact is that there is truly nothing wrong with wearing a red dress to a wedding. The actual fundamental problem with red is that it takes the attention, at a peak time. Moreover, in an ocean of pastel colors, a single vibrant red attire will stand out like a sore thumb on the group photos. We suggest you to completely keep a distance from red, if you want to avoid stealing the show. Particularly if the outfit color could be explained as ‘fire engine red’. Vibrant red is quite distracting and loud. Either you can opt its alternative shade like deep cranberry – which is a great option.


The wedding dress code is mentioned in the invitation to see which dress style is more appropriate, but most times guests ignore to see it – which is a great mistake. A cocktail dress or an evening gown is expected for a black tie dress code, and ball gown will totally suffice for a white tie dress code. However, there is a safe bet, if there isn’t any dress code in the invitation. Dress codes are something that draw the eyes. We know, you would prefer not to feel out of place. Nothing could feel more awkward.


 The wedding guests’ dresses should be different from bridesmaids. The good idea is – few guests work out to discover the wedding color theme and pick an outfit according to it. If you wear a similar attire to the bridesmaids, it could give the feeling of being angry at not being asked to be one. Obviously, coincidences can happen many times and guests will accidentally appear in the identical colors as the bridesmaids, which couldn’t be helped.


Do you know – WEDDING – is marked as a classy occasion? Don’t make it a bad experience by wearing a dress which you wore to the club the night before or the bachelorette party. It’s not the place or the time to wear tiny attires that hug every curve, even though the reception will possibly feature dancing and single cuties. Skimpy clothes fall into the bachelorette party dress code.

Therefore, these are the must-read 5 wedding guidelines with regards to wedding clothing for guests! We know that, for these rules – there are a couple of expectations. For example, there are various cultures which have different traditions when it comes to white and red. However, these guidelines will guard you when you are on attempting to choose what to wear (and not to wear) to your next wedding occasion!