For most brides, their wedding day revolves around looking fabulous in their wedding dress. Wearing the perfect wedding dress makes for an exciting wedding, as the bride lives out their fantasy. Getting the perfect wedding dress for your wedding ensures that you will be unforgettable in the eyes of the attending guests, and most importantly, the groom.

However, it is worth noting that after wearing the dress to the wedding, it is placed in storage afterwards. This means that you have to take the cost of the dress into consideration when making a choice.

Below we have discussed the common question of whether you should rent or buy a wedding dress for your wedding:


When looking for a wedding dress, it is worth noting that there are different types of dresses brides encounter. Custom design or couture dresses are usually designed from scratch with the bride’s needs and preferences in mind. They are the most expensive with regard to pricing. Next we have custom order dresses. These dresses are usually available in sizes 8 through to 12. Once a bride picks out a dress they like, it is then cut to size for a perfect fit.

At the bottom of the pricing scale, we have ready to wear dresses. These dresses can be bought off the rack and taken home if no alterations are needed.


Brides who are looking to save on the cost involved in purchasing a wedding dress and other associated accessories have a variety of affordable alternatives to choose from. Online auctions and thrift shops provide a selection of cheap wedding dresses to choose from. Be sure to check the quality of the dresses available before making a purchase. Consignment shops, on the other hand, offer quality dresses in great condition at affordable prices. You can also consider designing your own wedding dress or borrowing a family heirloom.

Another option that an increasing number of brides can choose is renting wedding dresses.

Rental Wedding Dresses

Renting your wedding dress comes with a number of associated benefits. First and foremost, you get to wear the perfect wedding dress for a fraction of the cost. To make the deal sweeter, some rental shops even offer accessories such as shoes and veils in their rental package. Since you will return the dress after the wedding, you also don’t have to worry about where to store it. Brides can even hire wedding dresses at the destination where the wedding will be held, eliminating the headache of travelling with it.

On the other hand, renting a dress has some drawbacks as well. You may not be allowed to resize a rental dress, meaning that you need to find the closest one to your size; any damage on the dress may mean that you have to buy it outright. Furthermore, you lose out on having a family heirloom to pass on to your kids.

From the above, you can be able to choose the most suitable option, as per your needs and preferences.